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Visitors to The CPU Scorecard are an informed, erudite, and inquisitive bunch. As a result, we receive a lot of questions from those looking for more specific information about CPU's and computers.  While we try to answer them all the best we can, we decided to better serve our visitors by publishing these FAQ's for all to see.
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bulletAsk the CPU Scorekeeper
bulletAbout the Scorekeeper
bulletAbout the CPU Scorecard Privacy Policy
bulletAbout cookies
bulletAbout our advertisers
bulletAbout Benchmarks
bulletWhy Intel's iCOMP?
bulletDual G4 Benchmarks?
bulletiMac DV Benchmarks?
bulletPrivate Benchmark Analysis?
bulletXeon cache performance?
bulletPentium-III 800B & 900?
bulletDual Pentium Benchmarks in Win98SE?
bulletBenchmark of what CPU features?
bulletGigaflops & Alpha Processors?
bulletBenchmark score changes?
bulletBenchmark test conditions?
bulletBenchmarks for fun?
bulletExplanation of CPU scores
bulletMay I use the iCOMP figures?
bulletWhat about integer/floating point?
bulletWhere do they come from?
bulletAbout Specific CPU Comparisons
bulletCeleron 600 vs. Pentium-III 667?
bulletDual Pentium III vs Xeon?
bulletPentium vs Athlon multitasking comparison?
bulletMobile Pentium-II 400 vs Celeron-466?
bulletAMD K6-2 475 vs Intel Celeron 566?
bulletWho really won the gigahertz war?
bulletG4 vs Athlon?
bulletXeons and other high end CPUs?
bulletMobile Celeron-400 vs K6-III 380?
bulletCeleron-500 vs K6-III 400?
bulletK6-III performance difference?
bulletWhere are the Xeons?
bulletThe inclusion of the PowerPC
bulletBenchmark for the IBM MX333?
bulletOdds 'n' Ends
bulletWhy the pop-up window advertisements?
bulletSoltek SL77-KV motherboard?
bulletWhy do we still list Intel's Pentium-III 1.13GHz CPU?
bulletColour Correction
bulletThanks for the OLD CPU's too
bulletAMD CPUs' excellent quality and Intel's agile efforts
bulletOther Hardware Scores
bulletMotherboard scores?
bullet3D Graphics scores?
bulletAbout Overclocking
bulletOverclocking a HP Omnibook 5500CT
bulletUnder-clocking a K6-2?
bulletBest Overclocking CPU?
bulletOver-clocked CPU Benchmarks?
bulletOverclocking an AMD K6-2 300
bulletAbout PC Processors
bulletBest multitasking CPU?
bulletAMD Thunderbird serial number?
bulletAMD K6-2+ Not Just for Notebooks?
bulletMore Old CPU's?
bulletCPU Temperature Limits?
bulletAMD K6-2 400 vs Celeron 366?
bulletDual AMD CPU Support?
bulletAthlon roadmap?
bulletWhat about Dual Celerons?
bulletPentium-III vs K6-2?
bulletHow do I improve L2 cache on a K6-2?
bulletPentium-E? -B? -EB? What?
bulletWhat is my CPU?
bullet3D instructions vs 3D accelerators?
bulletAMD K6 233 vs Cyrix MII 266?
bulletHas K6-III improved FP performance?
bulletMac G3 450 score?
bulletIs the AMD K6-2 3D?
bulletWhy don't you like Intel processors?
bulletIs a Celeron good enough?
bulletCeleron vs Pentium?
bulletAMD K6-2 vs Intel Celeron?
bulletAMD K6 and Y2K?
bulletCeleron vs Pentium II vs Pentium III?
bulletMobile Pentium-II 333 vs Celeron 400?
bulletWhat is L2 cache?
bulletAbout Prices & CPU Shopping
bulletWhy is the Duron the best deal?
bulletWhy is there no CPU pricing?
bulletOut-dated Intel pricing?
bulletAMD K6-2 450, 475, or 500?
bulletAthlon 550 vs. 600?
bulletLow-priced computer lab?
bulletK6-3 380 vs. K6-2 400?
bulletOther vendors offer better deals
bulletWhy is the Cyrix a better deal?
bulletTypical system prices
bulletWhere can I buy wholesale Pentium-III's?
bulletInternational orders?
bulletWhat justifies a higher Xeon price?
bulletAbout Upgrades
bulletAMD K6-2
bulletAMD K6-2 300
bulletCyrix 6x86 PR200
bulletCyrix MX PR200
bulletCyrix MII-300
bulletIntel Celeron 266
bulletIntel Pentium-60
bulletIntel Pentium 166MMX
bulletIntel Pentium 200MMX
bulletIntel Pentium ][ 350
bulletPentium-III 450 to Athlon?
bulletPentium-III or Athlon at 600MHz?
bulletAcer P-90
bulletCompaq Presario 1220 laptop
bulletCompaq Presario 1610 laptop
bulletHP OmniBook 4100
bulletHP Pavilion 3260
bulletHP Pavilion 3260 Motherboard
bulletHP Pavilion 6305
bulletHP Pavilion 6340
bulletHP Pavilion 6350
bulletHP Pavilion 6535
bulletHP Pavilion 8250
bulletHP Pavilion 8315
bulletHP Vectra VL 2
bulletHP Vectra VL 5
bulletIBM 350
bulletPackard Bell Multimedia 820
bulletPackard Bell 1600 Supreme

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