Why list the Pentium-III 1.13GHz?
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Why list the Pentium-III 1.13GHz?
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See the answerDear CPU Scorekeeper

Since Dell and IBM are removing the P3 1.13G from their list of available computers, do you expect to pull it out of your charts????

- - Nelson, August 2000

You publish a high score on the Pentium3 1.13 gig. This is a non-existent part; therefore it shouldn't be listed! Intel is playing games with us !!!!!

- - Ray, August 2000

Why do you continue to have the Intel 1.13Ghz at the top of your list? It's NOT a CPU that is available anymore. I think it should be off the list until it is commercially available.

- - OuTpaTienT, September 2000

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

Regardless of your opinion of Intel--whether they prematurely rushed the Pentium-III 1.13GHz to market or pulled it prematurely based on a few botched parts--the Coppermine 1.13GHz processors that did perform without errors scored very well in many of the independent benchmark tests that were run on it. This is the reason this processor earned its high place in our current lists.

The CPU Scorecard includes many processors that are now discontinued, for reference purposes and for the benefit of those who own them. This philosophy will remain unchanged regarding the Pentium-III 1.13GHz.

Clear indication of the recall status of this processor is shown on our Pentium-III page, until the situation changes. We fully expect that this CPU will be reintroduced in one form or another, once all the bugs have been worked out. Meantime, the Pentium-III 1.13GHz will stay in our lists, appropriately annotated.

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