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About CPU Overclocking

We get lots of questions about overclocking. Rather than repeat the general advice already available on the subject, here are some of the best articles we have found:

Ars Technica Celeron Overclocking FAQ Everything you ever wanted to know about how to speed up everyone's favourite overclockable processor.
Hardware Upgrade CPU Overclocking A good general overview, covering almost the full range of CPU's from Intel, AMD, Cyrix, and even IDT.
SharkyExtreme CPU Overclocking Basics A well-illustrated, comprehensive look at overclocking Celeron, Pentium-III, Duron & Athlon CPU's. Good troubleshooting advice.
SysOpt Overclocking Guide Step-by-step instructions to overclocking older Intel and AMD processors, as well as overviews of the major issues to be aware of when overclocking your CPU.
Overclocking an Omnibook
Under-clocking a K6-2?
Best Overclocking CPU?
Over-clocked CPU Benchmarks?
Overclocking an AMD K6-2 300

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