Under-clocking a K6-2?
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Under-clocking a K6-2?
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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

I am using a PC Chips motherboard, with a maximum FSB speed of 83MHz. Hence, I can't use an AMD K6-2 400 etc. (i.e. 4x100MHz)

Is this true? Wouldn't it be possible to downgrade the FSB speed of a K6-2, so that I could use it on my motherboard?

My board will easily run up to 450Mhz. I am currently using a Cyrix PR333+ chip at 3.5x75MHz, and have found that I can over-clock this baby to 4.0x75Mhz to a clock speed of 300Mhz. The Sisoft Sandra benchmarking software states that my chip is now a 366+, and apart from the old/rubbish EDO RAM causing problems, I ran at this speed for quite a while with NO crashes (I have an additional case fan AND an exhaust blower).

I hope this latter point helps anybody thinking of tinkering about with these chips.

- - Wayne, April 2000

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

Many AMD K6-2 users have successfully run them at 83MHz. Just make sure you are using the latest BIOS for your motherboard.

Ask the CPU Scorekeeper


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