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CPU Benchmark Software Sources

CSA Research Home of Benchmark Studio, a load & performance testing suite for server platforms and network environments.
MadOnion Makers of the popular SysMark and 3DMark benchmarking software.
Maxon Home of Cinema 4D, a good 3-D modeller and floating-point performance indicator.
NewTek Lightwave Another example of good software put to great use as a cross-platform benchmarker. See Chris Blanos' page for results.
Passmark Performance Test Offering a full range of integer, floating-point, and multimedia analyses of your CPU-- with memory, graphics, and hard drive tests, as well.
Quake 3 Arena While technically not benchmarking software, id Software's Quake series has become a performance rule of thumb for gamer's everywhere. Click here for instructions on how to determine your fps.
SiSoft Sandra A System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant to search out all the in-depth hardware and performance information you need.
ZDNet eTesting Labs Home of the industry-standard WinStone and 3DWinBench benchmarking software.

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A word of caution about CPU benchmarks...
When you get right down to it, computer processor benchmarks are an imprecise and transitory method of comparing how fast/well/suitably a given list of computer systems will perform for you.

They are prone to error, skew, and hype. They are highly dependent upon the specific test configuration from which they result. And the various speeds and capabilities of the individual computer hardware components (hard drive, bus, memory, video, et al) in a system can be at least as important to overall performance as is the speed of the CPU.

But flawed as they are, CPU benchmarks can arguably provide the most important information about how fast a computer will... well, compute!

Count on The CPU Scorecard to keep all the best benchmarks in their proper places!



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