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Pentium Xeon
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January 1997: The first multimedia-enhanced CPU. Radiation suits become cool.
April 1998: A brain-damaged Pentium II targeting the low-end market. Good overclocker, though.
May 1997: Pioneering Intel's move to Slot-1 technology, evading increasing socket CPU competition.
February 1999: Offers 70 new multimedia and 3D instructions to compete with AMD's 3DNow! and moves back to a new socket.
July 2001: Low-power, high speed extension of the venerable Pentium-III, for notebooks only.
November 2000: Pipeline-doubled, next generation processor for the giga-plus millennium.
March 2002:  Pentium 4 power made mobile.
March 2003:  Custom chipset, on-board wireless, and new Pentium-M processor combine for a revolutionary mobile power plant.
June 1998 (Pentium II) and March 1999 (Pentium III): Conquering the high-end $erver & work$tation market.
May 2001: Xeon finally gets its own name.
March 2002: Intel follows AMD's name game for multi-processor (4-way and up) server CPU's.

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