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Computer Hardware & Technology Resources

Accelenation Computer acceleration for the nation.
Ace's Hardware Heaven for hardware techies & novices alike.  Now with a SPEC benchmark Dataminer.
AMDmb The #1 Source for AMD Hardware Reviews and Information
AMD Zone The other #1 source for AMD-only (Athlon, Duron, K6, Slot/Socket A) news and reviews.
AnandTech Anand Lal Shimpi's informative computer hardware review site.
Ars Technica ...as in the Art of Technology. The PC enthusiast's resource.
BareFeats For the bare facts on Mac speed feats.
Canada Computes
(The Computer Paper)
A great source for news, reviews, and tips from a Canadian perspective...
Chris Hare's PC Hardware Links An excellent, comprehensive resource for processor & chipset specifications and upgrade questions.
Computer Nerd Specialising in CPU coolers with notes on thermal ratings and an on-line thermal calculator.
CPU Museum Picks & pix of chips thru the ages.
Digit-Life From Russia, with love of computer hardware.
Dr. Dobb's Microprocessor Center
For the latest inside news and views on Intel from Robert Collins, a former Intel employee...
ExtremeTech Ziff-Davis' newest hardware enthusiast site. As passionately committed to technology as any publishing conglomerate can be.
(Thresh's) FiringSquad Hardware and games, news and reviews.
GamePC For the serious PC gamer.
Geek.com The on-line technology resource for hardware geeks. Recommended.
Hardware Analysis Investigating the force that drives IT.
HardwareCentral Overclocked hardware views, news & reviews.
Hardware One Tech news, user product reviews and after hours game tidbits, updated daily.
Heat-Sink Guide All about PC and CPU cooling.
Info Materiel Quebec's guide to computer hardware information (French).
The () Inquirer For more irreverent news, opinions, and rumours in the microprocessor industry.
IT-VI Everything the IT professional, student or business needs to stay informed about the Information Technology industry on Vancouver Island.
JC's PC News & Links Fast updates on the microprocessor industry.
Just Too Good PC architecture, computer humour, and even martial arts are yours to explore in this quirky IT resource that is Just Too Good to ignore.
Karbo's Guide A comprehensive guide to how computer components work, including a good historical CPU perspective.
Mac Info For the Mac enthusiast (in German and English).
MacKiDo Witticisms & serious hardware info for Mac users and defenders.
Maximum PC The network for buying, fixing, and upgrading your computer.
The Meter The enthusiast's yardstick for PC hardware.
MicroDesign Resources For expert research, analysis, and insight into the microprocessor industry.
NeoSeeker A comprehensive tech review search engine, with CPU reviews galore
Obsolete Computer Museum Ever wonder where old computers return to die? You will find them here.
Planet Hardware For hardware news, previews & reviews of the latest CPU's, mainboards, and assorted computer peripherals.
The Register Telling IT like it is from that merry ol' land...
Sharky Extreme Reporting on the latest hardware and software technology for the PC enthusiast, with a regular weekly CPU price watch.
Slashdot Every geek's favourite sounding board.
SysOpt A hardware and productivity guide for IT pros and PC enthusiasts.
SystemLogic Net Another source, for the latest in computer news, reviews, articles, and a weekly CPU/memory price watch
Technoyard The technology critic.
TechnologyEvaluation Where the IT technology experts are...
Temple of Technology A growing compilation of hardware news & reviews.
Tom's Hardware Guide Thomas Pabst's excellent and comprehensive view of CPU's, motherboards, and other hard-core computer hardware information. Check it out!
The Tech Report Home of The Damage Report and more of the latest on PC hardware, software and technology.
Transmeta Zone As you would expect, all about Transmeta and products with "Crusoe Inside"
Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell Links to lots of useful hardware, OS, and tweaking information.
Tweak3D Your freakin' tweakin' source for news, reviews, and how-to's on a wide range of PC topics.
TweakFiles Software for your hardware.
If your computer ain't broke, TWEAK IT!
Van's Hardware Journal Van Smith's dedication to providing honest, accurate, hard-hitting, and thorough reviews and analysis of the latest in computer hardware and related high technology.
The Web Masters Den An extensive directory of webmaster-related resources on the internet.
ZDNet's Desktop User For decent product reviews and other useful reference material for the computer buyer.
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