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Best Overclocking CPU?
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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

I've been debating on whether to purchase an Intel Celeron 466 or an AMD K6-3 400. I just viewed the CPU Scorecard home page and the CPU Comparator shows that the K6-3 is faster.

What I want to know is: which will perform better overclocked, say at 600MHz for both, and which do you suggest I purchase?

- - Dank, December 1999

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

Purchasing a CPU with the specific intention of over-clocking it is about like buying a bicycle with the intention of turning it into a motorcycle by strapping an engine onto the frame.

In short, I would not recommend purchasing any CPU just to over-clock it. CPU over-clocking can, in some cases, permanently damage your processor.

If a 600MHz CPU is what you need, you should buy a 600MHz CPU. And in that case, an Athlon 600MHz is a good choice these days. It may cost twice what a 400MHz system now commands, but will come equipped with a higher speed bus, memory, and motherboard components that will provide an upgrade path that will last longer into the future.

In most cases, over-clocking an older CPU to squeeze some more useful life out of it can be achieved successively. Just make sure you provide adequate cooling and check your motherboard settings carefully before booting up. However, there is no guarantee that a new CPU will tolerate being reliably over-clocked to the speed you really want.

That being said, Intel's Celeron line has been shown to withstand the stress of over-clocking better than AMD's K6 processors.

But do so at your own risk!

For more information on over-clocking, check out these Over-Clocking Guides...

Ask the CPU Scorekeeper


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