Soltek SL77-KV motherboard?
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Soltek SL77-KV motherboard?
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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

I recently acquired an AMD K7 650 MHz Athlon computer, using a SOLTEK SL-77KV....Via KX-133 Slot-A Mainboard. According to the manual, some of the specs are:

Via KX-133 chipset: VT8371 system controller and VT82c686A PCI to ISA bridge (133mhz FSB 1.5v 4x AGP). Currently using 64MB RAM and a 10.6GB WD 66 h/drive. And for the record, am using Win98SE.

My actual question relates to this Soltek motherboard, in that I would like to know if this M/Board is ideally suited for the K7 processor. Or is it in actuality "choking" the K7's true ability.

If you feel this board is not a good suggestion, would you please be able to suggest some good or better candidates in order of performance and reliability.

The reason for asking is that I have been experiencing untold problems since purchasing the system.

-- Barry, September 2000

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

Although the Soltek SL-77KV motherboard is not currently listed in AMD's recommended motherboard list, many reviewers around the web have conducted their own independent evaluations. Here is a sampling:
Soltek SL-77KV motherboard reviews
Active Hardware Overclockers UK SlotA Speedy 3D

In general, all these reviews are rather glowing about the stability and trouble-free nature of the board. A quick search of also revealed little in the way of systemic problems.

Just make sure your drivers are up to date, and you should be able to rule out this motherboard as the source of your problems.

Ask the CPU Scorekeeper


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