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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

I was wondering why the G4 went down from something about 4200 to 3178 in your benchmarks.
- - Jorge, October 1999

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

The CPU Scorecard benchmark score for the G4 was originally based on Apple's published test, as linked to our Benchmark Links page. However, this test was optimised to exploit the G4's new Velocity Engine technology, supporting Apple's "supercomputer" marketing claim and showing how the G4 can run almost three times faster than a Pentium.

Other tests have since pointed out the strong performance of the G4--particularly in floating-point calculations--but without the VE optimisations. Without VE, the performance advantage of the G4 is still evident, just not quite as high. VE will not provide the same performance boost for those applications not specifically written to take advantage of its instruction set. Therefore, The CPU Scorecard G4 score now incorporates the more recent non-VE tests along with the original VE scores to provide a kind of average 'real world' estimate of its speed.

As new benchmarks are published and updated, the CPU Scorecard scores are often adjusted and tweaked to provide the most relevant and accurate processor comparisons anywhere.

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