Benchmark test conditions?
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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

  1. I assume that if you test the G4 without the Velocity Engine, then when you test Intel chips, it is without SSE instructions and when you test AMD it is without 3DNow!, am I correct?
  2. The second question I have is: How can you compare the wide range of processors between a 8086 and a Pentium-III in a fair way?
- - Jorge, October 1999

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

I wish we had the resources to conduct independent performance testing on all the CPUs listed in The CPU Scorecard. Unfortunately, we do not. The relative scores are thus compiled from benchmark results published by the respective manufacturers and other reputable hardware review sites.

This means that some of the tests will be optimised for the particular advantages of each processor and some will not. Some will exploit the G4's VE (or the P3's SSE, AMD's 3DNow!, etc.) and some will not. We consider all the results and roll them together into as statistically a representative score as we can craft, based on Intel's iCOMP formula. Thus, there will be adjustments from time to time as additional and better information is published. 

  1. To answer your first question: No. We consider both VE-enhanced, SSE-enhanced, and 3DNow!-enhanced scores along with non-enhanced scores. This is based on the premise that no one will be running only that software enhanced exclusively for one processor, but a range of applications from office software to games, internet, and multimedia tools, etc.
  2. Finding 'fair' comparisons in all cases is nearly impossible. We do attempt to rule out the effects of 'unfair' or optimised benchmark tests (see above) through established statistical methods. Our wide range of scores comes from the breadth of information available on the internet. Check out our Benchmark Links page for a sample of our sources.

Ask the CPU Scorekeeper


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