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Our word on cookies
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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

Perhaps the originators of your site would like to start a new site that is dedicated to scoring WEB sites that plant cookies on our computer systems. In this case your site would rank near the top.

Your continued attempts to plant cookies is an indication that you have no "Privacy policy." In many instances, sites aren't aware or don't care that some if not all banner ads attempt to place cookies.

- - Concerned about Cookies, November 1999

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

We at the CPU Scorecard are very sensitive to your concerns regarding privacy, and have long posted a privacy policy on our site.  That said, we are certainly aware that one or more of our advertisers may employ cookies as part of their ad-serving technology.

It is our view that the use of cookies by reputable advertisers can better serve your needs and interests while you are visiting our site. The methods used by our advertisers to place cookies will not, to the best of our knowledge, store information that would identify individual users without permission. Broad level demographic and geographic information may be collected to assist in serving the widest variety of interesting and appropriate advertisements to our visitors. The use of cookies can also help prevent inordinate repetition of the banners sent to each visitor.

If you feel that any of our advertisers have abused your individual privacy through their actions at this site, please inform us. We will bring the matter to their attention. If the use of cookies by our advertisers simply remains a real concern for you, both the Netscape  and Microsoft browsers allow you to prevent the placement of cookies by any advertisers or web sites. You are welcome to use this feature.

We encourage all our visitors to learn more about cookies. For this The Ultimate Guide to Cookies and the Privacy Online section at are excellent resources.

Ask the CPU Scorekeeper