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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

Your CPU Scorecard has a few of the earlier CPU's missing. I have these chips and bring them to your attention:
bulletAMD 80386 DXL-40
bulletAMD 80386 DX-33

I also suggest that the original Intel 8088 be added to the list. This venerable processor was really the first of the INTEL line. IBM charged $5,000 for their 256K memory machine with a very small hard drive, two floppy drives, and a 14 inch monochrome 25x80 screen.....

I also have an Intel Pentium Processor with a "gold" colored raised surface on the ceramic base. I'm having trouble identifying the processor speed. The following inscriptions are found on the front of the chip:


[the raised area]

Intel (m)(c) 1992

On the rear of the chip are the following inscriptions:

E 406
INTEL (m)(c) 1992

Any thoughts on what chip this is?

- - Tony, July 2000

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

Thank you for your suggestions, improving the historical completeness of our CPU Scorecard. The three processors you requested are now listed and ranked as follows, in comparison to today's fastest Pentium:
bulletIntel Pentium-III 1GHz
Pentium-III 1GHz (relative performance)
bulletAMD 80386 DXL-40
AMD 80386 DXL-40 (relative performance)
bulletAMD 80386 DX-33
AMD 80386 DX-33 (relative performance)
bulletIntel 8088
Intel 8088 (relative performance)

To identify your Intel processor, based on the markings on the chip, a good place to start is to peruse Intel's various specification updates. A clue as to which specific Pentium family you have is provided in the copyright (c) date: 1992. As it wasn't until 1997 that Intel's first modern Pentiums with MMX appeared, you obviously have a much older model.

The Spec Update makes clear which one you have:

Intel 60- and 66-MHz Pentium Processor Specification Update

Congratulations! Yours is the dubious distinction of owning the slowest clocked Pentium ever made, running at 60MHz.

Ask the CPU Scorekeeper

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