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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

I have to disagree with your typical system prices, they are just incorrect. Four thousand dollars for a Pentium II 450? Get outa town. They are really in the mid $2000 range. And the AMD K6-2 350 just came out and the first system that is based on the chip is that IBM E4 thingy and it's only 1300 dollars, not $2600. Other than that, I like the way you set things up, and the benchmarks are pretty interesting.
- - Jerome, September 1998

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

As we are Canadian and Canadian prices are what we know, that is the main currency in which the prices are listed at the site. With the state of our exchange rate at the moment, you will note that most of our prices are nearly double the figures advertised in the US. Equivalent US prices also available for reference by the clear majority of visitors to the site.

Note that the typical prices listed are for general comparison only. Check with your preferred vendors for the latest prices on a specific system.

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