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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

I thought for sure that you would at least list this page in the prices of your systems, I think that they offer even better deals than those listed...... http://www.nutrend.com/nutrend/
If you advertise though, I guess I understand why you would not put them on the page for free.....thanks, enjoyed the page.

One Question if you have time: If I buy a PII 400Mhz system and then buy a AMD-K6 400 system will there be any noticeable differences other than the benchmarks? Like weird things happening...lots of extra crashes.....?

- - John, March 1999

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

The price and vendor lists at the CPU Scorecard site are not intended to represent comprehensive coverage of the all the prices and vendors available on the internet. There will undoubtedly always be lower prices offered by vendors not listed at the Scorecard. Rather, the CPU Scorecard lists typical prices available from vendors well-known to our editorial staff.

Thank you for your suggested vendor link to the NuTrend site. We will consider adding a link to them on our International Vendor list. Of course, if NuTrend placed a reciprocal link to The CPU Scorecard at their site and let us know about it, we would certainly list them.

In answer to your second question, AMD systems are considered to be as fully compatible with the same PC software as Intel systems. I wouldn't expect weird things happening or extra crashes directly related to the CPU.

Ask the CPU Scorekeeper


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