Why is the Cyrix a better deal?
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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

Why is it the Cyrix M233 is a better deal than the AMD K6-2 266, there is a $65 price difference and 79 points between them? I'd spend the extra $65 for the higher performance.
- - Mike, September 1998

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

The best/better/worst buy recommendations are based not only on typical system prices available, but on the base pricing of the CPU chips themselves; the theory being that a lower priced CPU having a comparable speed allows a manufacturer to beef up some of the other components (RAM, hard drive, video card, etc.) for a price comparable to those systems built around a more expensive chip.

This doesn't always ring true in practice. Entry level systems often have entry level components all 'round. As a recommendation, it is only my opinion and not everyone will agree.

It is one of the aims of The CPU Scorecard, however, that it serve as only a starting point for those wishing to compare, purchase, or upgrade their own computers. If speed is more important to you than the size of a hard drive or the amount of RAM included in a system, then hopefully The CPU Scorecard has been helpful in making your purchase decision.

Stay tuned. As computer and system prices are fluctuating all the time, check back with The CPU Scorecard to stay on top of the latest speed and pricing trends.

Ask the CPU Scorekeeper


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