K6-2 475 vs Celeron 566?
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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

I would like your advice:

Is there a vast difference between AMD K6 II 475 vs. Celeron 566?

We only use the notebook for internet access and word processing/PowerPoint presentation purposes.

- - Sock, May 2000

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

There are several differences between AMD's K6-2 475 and Intel's Celeron-566, especially if you are considering a notebook purchase.

First of all, the Celeron-566 is not yet available for notebooks. The fastest mobile Celeron currently available runs at only 550MHz. Still, this Celeron is at least 25% faster than the K6-2 at 475MHz.

The rest of the major differences are outlined in the following table:

  Mobile AMD K6-2 Mobile Celeron Desktop Celeron
Clock Speed 475 MHz475 MHz 550 MHz550 MHz 566 MHz566 MHz
Bus Speed 100 MHz 100 MHz 66 MHz
Core Voltage 2.0 V 1.6 V 1.5 V
Max. Power 16 W 18.4 W 17.9 W
Max. Temp. 80C 100C 90C
Connector Super-7 BGA/PGA Socket-370
Die Size 0.25 0.18 0.18
L1 Cache 64 kb 32 kb 32 kb
L2 Cache 512 kb (bus) 128 kb (on-die) 128 kb (on-die)
Transistors 9.3 million 19 million 19 million
Multimedia 3DNow! SSE SSE

You will find that mobile Celeron notebooks tend to be slightly more expensive than K6-2 notebooks of comparable clock speeds. For general net-surfing and business applications, the K6-2 475 should be adequate.

If, however, you plan on higher-end multimedia requirements (DVD, video and the like), we would recommend bucking up for something faster. Consider the mobile Celeron or even a mobile Pentium-III, if it is within your budget. And as they become more available, you may even consider notebooks based on AMD's newest K6-2+ and K6-III+ mobile processors.

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