Mobile Pentium-II vs Celeron?
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Dear CPU Scorekeeper

I have a Dell Inspiron 7000 notebook and am thinking about upgrading the processor. My system has the following specs (PII-366, 128 MB RAM, 10 Gig HD, 8 MB video card, 2x DVD, Zip).

I know the motherboard is 66 MHz, therefore I can only go up to a PII-400 or the Celeron 466. The price range between the PII and the Celeron is about $90.

bulletWhich is faster?
bulletIs there a difference in graphics/3D capabilities between the two processors?
bulletHow much of a performance difference is there from my current processor?
bulletWhere can I find the best prices for these products?
- - Jeffrey, June 2000

See the questionCPU Scorekeeper Responds

bulletAs illustrated on our CPU Comparator, the mobile Celeron-466MHz is approximately 20% faster than the mobile Pentium-II 400MHz processor.
bulletAlthough the latest mobile Celerons support Intel's latest SSE (Streaming Single-Instruction-Multiple-Data Extensions) multimedia instructions found also in the Pentium-III, the Celeron-466 upgrade option for your 66MHz bus does not.

Both the mobile Celeron-466 and the Pentium-II do support the now-standard MMX multimedia instruction set. As they are both based on the same floating-point core, there will be little essential difference in the graphics/3D capabilities between the two processors.

bulletAgain, as shown on our CPU Comparator, the mobile Celeron-466MHz is approximately 30% faster than your current PII-366. What this means is, on average, a 60-second spreadsheet calculation on your Pentium-II will take only 45-seconds with the Celeron-466.

While this may not seem especially significant, over an 8-hour working day it might mean an hour less time wasted in waiting for your computer to respond or perform basic tasks.

bulletLinks to Processor Prices can be found here.

Ask the CPU Scorekeeper


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