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AMD News 2001

AMD Duron @ 850MHz Boston Globe
January 8, 2001

Continuing to keep the pressure on Intel in the new year, AMD introduced its fastest value-conscious Duron at 850MHz, beating Celeron both in top clock speed and performance, as usual.

AMD mobile Durons @ 600 & 700MHz The Register
January 15, 2001

Finally entering the value notebook market with a real processor (so long, K6-2), AMD unveils lower-power Durons. Though not exactly Transmeta-class in terms of power consumption, they trounce both similarly-clocked Crusoes and Celerons in performance.

AMD Athlon @ 1.3 & 1.33GHz The Street
March 22, 2001

Though not quite reaching the Pentium 4's clock speed, AMD is confident that their two new Athlons will sufficiently trounce the P4's real-world performance. Three out of four dentists agree.

AMD Duron @ 900MHz AnandTech
April 2, 2001

AMD pushes its thumb down on Celeron even more by bumping up its budget-priced Duron starlet.

"Hammer" time delayed IDG
April 27, 2001

Previously expected to appear in Q1 of 2002, AMD's upcoming 64-bit 'Clawhammer' & 'Sledgehammer' server chips will not arrive now until the end of 2002. Prototype samples, however, may see the light of Christmas this year...

AMD Athlon 4 @ 850MHz - 1GHz;
 mobile Duron @ 800 & 850MHz
May 14, 2001

AMD launches the Athlon 4 for notebooksAMD re-enters the mobile market with a new SSE-enhanced, low-power Athlon 4 line, and adds to the mobile Duron family.

AMD Athlon MP @ 1.0 & 1.2GHz ZDNet
June 4, 2001

AMD launches the Athlon MP for workstations & serversAMD takes on the entry-level workstation and server market with the unveiling of the Athlon MP (Multi-Processing) and companion 760MP chipset.

AMD Athlon @ 1.4GHz;
 Duron @ 950MHz
The Register
June 6, 2001

After a test release last week in Japan, AMD unleashes its fastest Thunderbird on the rest of the world. --Oh, and a new Duron, too!

AMD Athlon 4 @ 1.1 GHz;
 Duron @ 1 GHz;
 mobile Duron @ 900 MHz
Computer World
August 20, 2001

Beefing up their mobile line and introducing the prefetch-enhanced 'Morgan' core for desktop Durons, AMD tries to steal some PR thunder from Intel and their upcoming launch of a 2GHz Pentium 4 next week.

AMD Duron @ 1.1 GHz ComputerBuyer
October 1, 2001

Inching up to match Celeron's fastest clock speed, though over-matching Celeron's performance, AMD tries to salvage some press in response to Intel's mobile chip onslaught today.

AMD Athlon XP 1500+, 1600+, 1700+ & 1800+ PC World
October 9, 2001

AMD Athlon XP'Palomino' is finally let loose from the starting gate, bearing new model numbers and heralding the True Performance Initiative.

AMD Athlon MP 1500+, 1600+ & 1800+ Inquirer
October 15, 2001

Following from last week's official 'Palomino' launch, AMD adds the 'plus factor' to its dual processor line, accelerating Muppets. Curiously, the 1700+ cog is skipped.

AMD Athlon XP 1900+ Register
November 5, 2001

AMD makes certain of its top performance spot by slipping out the next speed increment of their Palomino core.

AMD Athlon 4 @ 1.2 GHz;
 Mobile Duron @ 950 MHz
November 12, 2001

AMD continues fall season assault with two new mobile processors.

AMD Duron @ 1.2 GHz InfoWorld
November 15, 2001

AMD once again surpasses Celeron with the fastest value processor.

AMD Athlon MP 1900+ CNet
December 12, 2001

AMD matched their recent 'XP' speed limit with doubled CPU processing power for servers and workstations.

Any surprise AMD's market share has doubled also?

AMD mobile Duron @ 1 GHz Personal Computer World
December 17, 2001

Powering GHz laptops for less than $1000, AMD packs more punch into value-priced portable computing.

Apple News 2001

Apple G4 @ 533, 667 & 733MHz InfoWorld
January 10, 2001

Motorola ramps up their G4 line--after a year of inaction.

Apple G4 @ 667MHz CNet
April 13, 2001

Making way for more 733MHz G4's and dual-CPU systems, Apple will be quietly pulling its PowerMac 667MHz systems from the shelves by the end of April.

Apple G4 @ 867 MHz; Dual G4 @ 800 MHz CNet
July 19, 2001

Megahertz doesn't matter, according to Steve Jobs and Apple's own tests. Your mileage, of course, may vary if you run anything other than PhotoShop.

IBM News 2001

IBM perfects carbon nanotubes. Nanites to arrive shortly. CNet
April 26, 2001

Discovered at NEC in 1991, IBM says they can now bend, shape, and purify these new nanotech building blocks. Silicon's days are numbered (in the thousands...).

Intel News 2001

Intel Celeron @ 800MHz; Pentium 4 @ 1.3GHz TechWeb
January 2, 2001

Finally raising Celeron's anaemic bus speed to 100MHz, Intel matches AMD's value-conscious Duron at 800MHz. Meanwhile, select OEM's such as Dell are receiving clocked-down 1.3GHz Pentium 4's for their latest systems.

Intel mobile Celeron & Pentium-III @ 500MHz ZDNet
January 30, 2001

Intel takes on Transmeta with a new lower-power mobile Pentium-III and Celeron. Too bad they're only at 500MHz.

Intel Xeon @ 900 & 1000MHz, Pentium 4 (Foster) & Itanium (McKinley) for servers The Standard
February 25, 2001

Intel shines on servers at IDF Spring 2001.

Intel Pentium-III @ 900MHz TechWeb
February 26, 2001

All 100MHz-bus Pentiums said to be on the chopping block by the end of March.

Intel mobile Pentium-III @ 700MHz EETimes
February 28, 2001

Intel noted our complaint about their previous mobile releases running at only 500MHz. At least this low-power Pentium runs at 700MHz when plugged in; 500MHz on the road.

Intel counts down to IA-64 RealWorld Tech
March 14, 2001

Paul DeMone details the troubled history and future expectations of Intel's 64-bit problem child.

Intel mobile Pentium-III @ 900MHz & 1GHz;
 mobile Celeron @ 750MHz
Individual News
March 19, 2001

Just over a year since their announcement of a 1GHz Pentium-III for desktop computers, Intel can now crow about producing the first 1GHz processor for notebooks. Unlike last year, the new giga-books are actually available to buy.

Intel Pentium-III Xeon @ 900MHz CNet
March 20, 2001

Pumping up their high-cache (and high cash at nearly $4000 each) server line, this is said to be the last of the venerable Pentium-III flavoured Xeons.

Banias to power future Intel notebooks CNet
March 26, 2001

Code-named after an archaeological dig in Israel, where it is being designed by the same team behind the ill-fated Timna integrated Celeron project (now scrapped), "Banias" will be built from the ground up with increased power management tools and lower power requirements. Expect Intel's newest mobile CPU toward the end of 2002.

Intel perfects 0.13-micron chip technology on larger 300mm wafers Individual
April 2, 2001

Intel's D1C Development Fab in Hillsboro Oregon garnered this world-leading distinction. The larger wafers (normally only 200mm in diameter) provide increased cost efficiency and less waste than current fab processes.

Intel Celeron @ 850MHz CNet
April 9, 2001

Right on schedule, Intel burps out another little-bit-faster Celeron. Even CNet yawns...

Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.7GHz BusinessWire
April 23, 2001

As expected, Intel unveils its P4 Whopper-- at an unexpectedly low price, portending even more price slashing next week.

Pentium 4 @ 2 GHz TechWeb
April 26, 2001

Still on track for October.

Intel mobile Celeron @ 600 & 800MHz;
 mobile Pentium-III @ 600 & 750MHz
May 21, 2001

Intel undercuts AMD's Athlon 4 announcement with a chipload of lower-power, lower-performing mobile processors.

Intel Xeon @ 1.4 - 1.7GHz CNet
May 21, 2001

Intel's (Pentium 4) XeonThe Xeon (Foster) arrives, based on the Pentium 4 core.

For now, it is only available for single- or dual-processor workstations; server versions will appear before the end of 2001.

Intel Itanium @ 733 & 800MHz MSNBC
May 29, 2001

Intel Itanium for serversAt long last, Merced (Itanium v 1.0) arrives, the product of a long, tortuous collaboration between Intel & Hewlett-Packard.

Poised to shake up the 64-bit server world, what everyone is really waiting for is McKinley (v.2), due next year. See here for more...

Intel buys Compaq's Alpha processor division CNet
June 25, 2001

Less than a month after Itanium's official introduction, the server market consolidation begins, with Intel taking firm control. Time to update your Itanium vote.

FTC, where are you?

Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.6 & 1.8GHz;
 Celeron @ 900MHz;
 Mobile Celeron @ 850MHz
July 2, 2001

Intel continues to shoot for 2GHz and pushes their fastest Pentium 4 once more to the top of the PC processor heap. Celeron just keeps shuffling along...

RECALLED: Intel Pentium-III Xeon @ 900MHz ZDNet
July 10, 2001

Reminiscent of last year's embarrassing chip recall, Intel has admitted they cannot yet fix a bug in existing servers employing their Pentium-III Xeon 900MHz (2MB L2 cache version) processor. All such processor shipments have thus been stopped. Until the problem is solved, Intel will substitute the next-slower (700MHz) stepping of their large-cache Xeon instead, forgoing the US$1500 premium of the faster chip.

Is this a deal for server buyers? Check out our CPU Comparator to see for yourself.

Intel Pentium III-M @ 866 & 933 - 1133 MHz IDG
July 30, 2001

Intel Pentium III-MPreviously unveiled at TechX NY inside demo notebooks, Intel officially announced their new low-power, speed-enhanced, mobile (M) extension of the Pentium-III family-- Tualatin-- built at 0.13 microns.

Server versions of Tualatin (Pentium III-S) have been shipping since May, we find out. Desktop versions are also available, but only with a stripped-down L2 cache, so as not to threaten Intel's own Pentium 4.

Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.9 & 2 GHz CNet
August 27, 2001

Right on schedule, Intel once again claimed the Top Clock title at this fall's IDF.

Intel Celeron @ 950 MHz, 1 & 1.1 GHz InfoWorld
August 31, 2001

Intel follows AMD's lead to 1GHz in the 'value' desktop processor market. Surprisingly, Celeron pushes past Duron in clock speed and performance for the first time ever!

Intel Xeon @ 2 GHz Silicon
September 25, 2001

Delayed for a month so Intel could complete some "extra validation" on the chip, the latest 'Foster' Xeon is still limited to dual-processor configurations only. Still, Intel hopes that more speed will entice more Xeons into more servers, rather than reign only as their workstation champ.

Intel Pentium-III M @ 700, 733, 750, 800 MHz, 1.2 GHz;
 Mobile Celeron @ 650, 733, 800, 866, 900, 933 MHz
October 1, 2001

Intel launches a full-scale, mobile attack, betting that new notebooks this Christmas will help stimulate the flagging computer market.

Intel Celeron @ 1.2 GHz Register
October 2, 2001

Intel pounds it to AMD with a new, cache-boosted, budget processor, extending the "MegaHertz Myth" to 1.2GHz and revitalizing the long-lived Celeron line.

Intel Pentium-III @ 700 MHz New York Times
November 13, 2001

Intel's PR team takes a break from Comdex to leak word of their new 'Ultra-Low Power' Pentium-III for ultra-dense "blade" servers, based on the Tualatin core.

Transmeta News 2001

Crusoe TM5800 to debut at 0.13-microns Register
March 26, 2001

Expected in the second half of this year at speeds of 700MHz and above, Transmeta is banking on their new processor breaking farther into server and internet appliance markets.

Transmeta Crusoe @ 600-800MHz The Register
June 25, 2001

Crusoe scales down to 0.13 microns in an attempt to upstage Intel's upcoming Tualatin announcement.

VIA News 2001

VIA Cyrix-III @ 700MHz ZDNet Asia
January 23, 2001

VIA boosts its mediocre Cyrix-III line, touting it as a lower-cost Celeron upgrade. Yeah, right.

VIA 0.13-micron C3 @ 750MHz - 1GHz AsiaBizTech
March 9, 2001

More hype than horsepower as ever, VIA claims the first 0.13-micron PC processor will be one of their 'Samuel-II' models, rather than Intel's upcoming Pentium-III Tualatin.

VIA C3 @ 733MHz InfoWorld
March 25, 2001

VIA C3VIA Technologies launches its new C3 processor line, the first 0.15 CPU for PC's. With a small 52mm2 footprint, low power consumption, and a new L2 cache, VIA hopes the C3 will garner 5% of the budget processor market by the end of the year.

VIA C3 - Ezra - C5X to extended to 1.2 GHz Register
May 2, 2001

Expect VIA's newest paper chips next year-- about a year too late.

VIA C3 E-Series @ 733MHz VIA
May 25, 2001

As if they were not already lowly powered enough, VIA introduces its E-Series version of the C3, with ultra-low power consumption.

VIA C3 @ 750 & 800MHz The Register
May 30, 2001

Boosting their flagship processor to more respectable speeds, VIA also introduces the first CPU manufactured using a 0.13-micron trace process. Still Celeron (Socket-370) compatible, this newest chip has now shrunk to become the smallest x86 processor at a mere 52 mm2.

VIA mobile C3 @ 800MHz VIA
June 5, 2001

VIA mobile C3Once again going after Intel's established mobile Celeron notebook market, VIA brings its 0.13 'Ezra' chip out into the limelight at Computex Taipei 2001.

VIA C3 @ 866 MHz Register
September 11, 2001

Another increment in VIA's 'Ezra' processor line. Pretty ho-hum in itself, even without being overshadowed by a certain world event.

VIA C3 @ 933 MHz VIA
December 19, 2001

Still playing catch-up in the value-priced processor game, VIA bumps its cool-running, Celeron-compatible C3 to 933MHz.

Miscellaneous News 2001

Thousands of human lives, World Trade Center, peace, destroyed. CBC News
September 11, 2001
World Trade Centre skyline

New York skyline, the day after...

The processor war simply pales in comparison to the real thing...



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