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Miscellaneous News 2000

The world survives Y2K! Well, almost... Wired
January 1, 2000

No major Y2K-related hiccups (though maybe a few headaches) resulted from the world-wide passage into the 21st century.

It is still pretty much the same old world as it was last year.

RDRAM reconsidered AnandTech
May 15, 2000

In the wake of Intel's latest RDRAM replacement campaign, Anand sits down with Rambus to discuss the future of PC memory requirements and dispel various Rambus rumours in the process.

For the other side of the argument, go see Tom.

Chip construction causes cancer, claim co-workers Independent
May 18, 2000

A National Semiconductors factory in Scotland is hit with a group damages suit, pointing an accusing finger at toxic CPU fab processes.

Alpha continues to run like WildFire ZDNet
May 26, 2000

Compaq's 64-bit server processor quietly crunches the internet at 750MHz and plans to reach their 1GHz milestone before the end of the year.

Bigger wafers to feed chip hunger CNet
July 10, 2000

Applied Materials @ SEMICON WestTrying to move the semiconductor industry from 8-inch to 12-inch wafers, Applied Materials says that chip production can be increased by 250% for only a 40% increase in cost. This and other announcements at SEMICON West this year (July 10-14) will be sure to help ease the current chip supply crunch.

Retro CPU powers cheaper web-surfing CNet
July 17, 2000

MyTurn's Global PCJust what everyone needs: a web surfer running at the blistering speed of an Intel '486. Start-up MyTurn just unveiled its Global PC for the computer-phobic out there who are still curious about the internet. Ah well, it's affordable ($299US). And it will be available at Wal-Mart, K-Mart & Sears.

What it has going for it is GeoWorks, the once-was, short-lived desktop competitor to Windows. But...a '486?

Go mobile--Have no life... TechWeb
August 8, 2000

A UK study finds that executives are resistant to adopting more mobile technology for fear of losing more control over their personal lives. Like, we didn't know that already?

Microprocessor Forum 2000 Highlights Various
October 11, 2000
G4 will hit 1GHz...eventually--maybe CNet
October 10, 2000

Motorola's has big plans that their upcoming "Apollo" version of the G4 will reach 1GHz. When that will happen, however, is anybody's guess. Our guess is by the end of the decade. Apollo did eventually reach the moon following a similar schedule, after all. Whether Apple will adopt it is, for some reason, even less certain.

Thunderbird duo demoed AMD
October 10, 2000

Expected to be available by the end of the year, AMD showed off its almost-ready 760-MP chipset that supports dual Athlon processors and DDR-memory.

Intel and Transmeta: How low can they go? ZDNet
October 11, 2000

Intel and Transmeta will be duelling it out in the low end of computing power requirements for next year's laptops and mini-notebook devices. With an average power consumption of less than 1 Watt, SpeedStep- and LongRun-capable processors will extend notebook life to 10 hours and beyond, according to both Intel and Transmeta.

The other high cost of speed: reliability InfoWorld
October 20, 2000

Many challenges await chip makers as they continue to push the GigaHertz envelope, not least being their tendency to fail. Reliability will become increasingly difficult to ensure with current testing tools.

Maybe Jobs has it right: PC multiprocessing will become the norm, rather than faster and faster clock speeds.

Processor wars: the year behind, the year ahead CNet
December 21, 2000

World Peace PortalRecapping the year that was and projecting into the next, CNet sees 1GHz notebooks, 2GHz desktops, more Rambus and fewer recalls.

Some pretty safe predictions here. We will continue to track how the race really progresses, as always. Meanwhile, we hope you are enjoying the peace of the season.



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Last Updated: October 15, 2005

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